My goal is to write the best books I can. Many of the story ideas that I have are twist and turns on real life events.

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Ben Lucas

I’m a novelist who has worked throughout North America and the Middle East. My enjoyment is rooted in penning works based on – ‘What If’ scenarios – as a backdrop for thrilling stories. Many of my works, although fictional, descend from firsthand adventures – All from a record of thirty-years of working booms and busts in oil and gas.

Writing a novel has been my passion for decades, now a reality with The Smoke Eater. (Coming soon). The Smoke Eater is also part of the Reid Harris Series, that explores the side effects of crime, greed, and war that results from our need for energy.

I’m currently living in Alberta, Canada, with my wife, three kids, two cats and a dog. When not trying to fill a daily quota of reading and writing, I can be found experimenting in the kitchen or consulting on various energy projects. I hold a B.Sc. and I’m a lifelong learner of technical and fiction writing.