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My twenty year dream is to write and publish.

Some of my current projects and books are discussed below.

My Books – Current and Future Projects

The Smoke Eater

Reid Harris, a struggling fireman, takes on a new job in Azurbar as terrorism and tensions threaten one of largest oil facilities in the world. Still suffering the mental and physical scars of tragedy, Reid is unfit for duty and contends with his alcoholic mentor Dave, an Azurbaree national with an unhealthy obsession, and an unseen faction that is bent on disrupting the way of life in the region.

The Smoke Eater is the first book of a series that looks at the effects of a falling industry and how people respond.

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The Expatriate

The prequal to The Smoke Eater, set five years before Reid makes his jouney to Azurbar.

The Expatriate is the story of how Dave Fulton is forced out of home.

A first draft of this novel is underway.

The Rough Neck

Currently plotting out the continuing story of life in Azurbar.

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