July 2022 – Newsletter


I’m still busy finishing my novel and getting the final touches. I do have an editor lined up for this summer and will be agent hunting soon.

All I can say is that I’m excited about it and look forward to launch.

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Debbie Burke

A few months ago, I was privileged to beta read Debbi’s new book. This is number seven in her series called: Until Proven Guilty. She was gracious to mail me a copy which is on sale. For more information, check out her work: Debbie Burke ~ Thrillers with Passion (debbieburkewriter.com)

I’ve enjoyed reading her books and like where this series is going. She hasn’t shared anything with me, but I’m sure there’s a twist in a future book 8.

Here’s a quick synopsis for Book 7. Until Proven Guilty

An innocent father in prison. A guilty rapist set free. A surprise son from the past.

Investigator Tawny Lindholm and her attorney-husband Tillman Rosenbaum juggle three baffling cases where DNA is supposed to prove guilt or innocence. Instead, it reveals deception and betrayal, triggering a crisis in their marriage and an unimaginable threat to their family.

Putting on My Safety Hat

Many of you don’t know that I’m a full-time safety professional during the day. This time of year, there’s an important topic I like share with everyone.

If you’re like me and are headed out for some fun this summer, please check your life jackets before heading into the water. Before you or your kids put that device on to swim or boat make sure it’s still suitable use.

Nylon materials degrade in sunlight—and—they make most lifejackets out of nylon. Look for fraying, weak materials, and broken straps. If anything doesn’t look right, please get a new one.

Have a great summer.

Going in a New Direction

After a wild month of trying to get my project, (The Smoke Eater), off the ground, I made a wonderful Friend, Debbie Burke. (Check out Debbie’s site for her books – Debbie Burke – Tawny Lindholm Thrillers with Passion (debbieburkewriter.com).

It blew Debbie away by how much of social media following I have been able to generate. This led to a feature on a book blog called Killzone. You can check out that story and other posts here.

Twitter Tutorial – From Zero to 12K | Killzoneblog.com

Since this feature I’ve had some amazing people reach out to me, and I have decided with in my game plan. Also, instead of releasing my book as an independent author, I’m going to try my hardest to find a Literary Agent.

Another Killzone regular, John Gilstrap recently talked about the relationship between his agent and publisher. I felt that I’m sorely in need of that type of relationship to get my author career in the right direction.

Chatting With The Pros | Killzoneblog.com

Please check into therealbenlucas.com, as I’ll keep everyone up to date on my progress.

Thank you,

Social Media & Branding

Someone pointed out to me that I have been knocking it out of the park with my social media efforts. They asked me, how has an as-yet-unpublished author collected 12K Twitter followers in less than a year?

I actually have 12K followers on Twitter, 9.8K on LinkedIn and another 5K on Facebook. And I’m up for new connections.

I built all this after listening to James Scott Bell on Great Courses in August 2020. For some who may not know, James Scott Bell is an excellent authority on the craft of writing. Without him, I don’t think I would have been able to properly structure me WIP.

He said marketing was necessary for traditionally published and indie authors. My immediate takeaway was this is crucial.

JSB’s work led to exploring more references on marketing. I spent a solid month and bit researching, and decided I needed to brand as part of a marketing strategy. Branding seemed so obvious and things clicked from there.

I want to be crystal clear that I don’t believe that I would have these levels of followers without efforts aimed specifically at branding. Building an author brand meant building a social media base to create goodwill and credibility whenever and wherever I can.

Just in case, I wanted to say I have no illusions. With all things related to writing, I’m keeping to my personal motto—I have high hopes but low expectations. None of this is guaranteed, especially if my book that comes out and SUCKS!

However, our TKZ expert, James Scott Bell, says you can’t sell books on Twitter. I think JSB is right. But I also believe there are more important things that social media will offer you.

Next time – marketing vs. branding.

What are your thoughts about social media?