Assure, Ensure, and Insure

Some of you have no trouble with these, so you can skip this if you like.

For the rest, these are only confusing until you get the hang of them.

So here we go.

ASSURE means to tell someone that something will definitely happen or is definitely true.

Jane assured John that she loved him and would marry him soon.

Oxford English Dictionary definition:

1. Tell someone that something is definitely true.

2. Make something certain to happen.

ENSURE means to guarantee or make sure of something.

John took great pains to ensure that his writing contained no plagiarism.

Oxford English Dictionary definition:

1. Make certain that something will definitely be so.

2. (ensure against) make sure that a problem does not occur.

INSURE means to take out a policy against something.

Jane insured the rink against fire, flood, and vandalism. She wanted to ensure (see what I did there?) that they were covered for any untoward event.

Oxford English Dictionary definition:

1. Arrange compensation in the event of damage, loss, illness, or death, in exchange for regular payments to a company.

2. (insure someone against) protect someone against a possible event.

So did that help, or are these still clear as mud?

I have about a million of these, so stay tuned or contact me for editing wherein I will take away the headaches by doing it for you.  (I’ll also explain why.)

Christine – Guest blogger

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