This past May, I used up my social media time with the zany quotes of Yogi Berra. Why May? That would have been the birth month of the man who is attributed with Yogism. If you’re interested, I posted some of my favorite ones on my website, therealbenlucas.com

One of the all-time best Yogisms has to be “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.” Many get their chuckles out of this, but there’s something else going in the words.  

A wise man once said to me, reading Yogi Berra quotes is good practice to look for intent—not the real meaning in what is said. It’s pretty deep. I guess you can say that I’m inspired by good quotes so that I can write more clear and concise pros. If I read a Yogi quote, I can forgive myself for making a mistake or two in my own endeavors.  


I’m still plugging away and trying my best to bring The Smoke Eater to market. I have good news and maybe a bit of bad. The bad news really isn’t that bad at all. 

I’ve sent out the novel again for beta reading. There were parts in my book I wasn’t confident about and I want to get it right. So, the book will not be ready for publishing until September 2021. Fingers crossed.  

However, the good news is I’m confident that the story is going to bring a lot of reading enjoyment. One comment I had—which made me feel great—is that The Smoke Eater is a great Action, Thriller, Adventure book.  

Till next time, 

Ben Lucas 

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